What are the benefits of the Fresh Start pre shave scrub?
Our pre shave exfoliant removes dead skin and brings annoying ingrown hairs to the surface, which allows for a cleaner and closer shave resulting in fewer nicks and cuts. It is formulated with witch hazel to help reduce dead skin buildup and inflammation, keeping ingrown hairs from forming and also weakening the hair follicle and slowing regrowth. 

When should I exfoliate?

Our sugar scrubs are much gentler and less abrasive than traditional salt scrubs, so for optimum results we recommend exfoliating before you shave at least twice per week.

When should I not exfoliate?
You should not exfoliate any areas of your body that are sun burned or severely irritated, you should also avoid any areas that are cut or that have open wounds or sores.

Where should I use the preshave scrub?
Our preshave scrub is gently formulated to be utilized all over the body including on the face! The scrub can be applied in any area that you would like to shave.

Why should I use the Smooth Intentions shave cream?
Our Smooth Intentions shaving cream moisturizes and softens the skin for a soothing and superior shave. Natural ingredients as our Camellia Oil and Vitamin E hydrate your skin, while our non-foaming formula allows for an effortless razor glide.

Why should I use the finishing touch post shave oils?

Skin oils have probably been around since the Stone Age and today most cultures utilize oils for both luxury and to counter dry skin. Our oils are specially formulated to combat the dry and irritated skin that most people experience after shaving, and to help tone, moisturize and maintain healthy post-shave skin. These natural oils instantly calm and soothe dry, irritated skin after a close shave and also help to prevent ingrown hairs.

Where should I use the post shave oils?
Everywhere! Our post shave oil is gentle enough to use all over your body and can also double as your daily skin moisturizer. So feel free to apply it anytime you would like, but especially after a fresh shave!

Why are all of your products paraben free?
Companies use parabens to extend the shelf life of products, but in a 2004 medical study parabens were found in breast cancer tumors. Thus we use plant based or other natural alternative preservatives, or no preservatives at all in all our products such as our oils which are 100% pure and don’t require preservatives.

Why do I get Ingrown hairs/Razor Bumps when I shave?

Ingrown hairs/Razor bumps are caused by improper shaving techniques, toolsand skin care products,. When we shave below the surface, hairs can grow back and become trapped under a thin skin layer, thus causing bumps and irritation. This is more common in multi-racial ethnicities whose curly hair might easily bend instead of growing straight.

How do I prevent Ingrown hairs/ Razor Bumps?

By using proper shaving techniques and 5 blade razors as well as regularly exfoliating the top layer of your skin, you can significantly reduce ingrown hairs and skin irritations. To optimize the health and appearance of your skin, it is extremely important to maintain a proper skincare routine, so regularly review our how- to instructions to make sure you are establishing a proper routine.