Camellia Alise goes beyond skincare by offering a few specialized services to enhance your radiance inside and out!






Begin your service with a Camellia Alise "Firm Up" Body Buff, then go into the Infrared Blanket for an additional 30 minutes. Decrease BMI, Body Fat and Lose an Average of 1-3 pounds in one hour. Simply rest cocooned in our Infrared Slimming blanket as Infrared heat raises your core body temperature an average of 2-3 degrees and stimulates your fat cells, allowing a release of toxins. Burn up to 1400 calories and burn body fat in JUST ONE SESSION.

Our contour area wrap  is great for Clients wanting Skin Tightening, and Inch Loss in certain target areas.  Our target area Inch Loss Body Wrap  uses our Signature "Firm UP" Slimming Gel and a unique compression technique to help combat the Battle of the Bulge.

45 minutes $99

45 minutes  with contour area wrap $129

Packages of 3 or 6 are also available, ask your wrap technician about the package deals!




Our Product Introduction Facial includes a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, and a light massage, followed by a hydration treatment with the Camellia Alise products to provide balance to your face and minimize acne and skin irritations.

Microdermabrasion Add on available- Ask your technician about our diamond tipped exfoliation wand which mechanically polishes the skin and greatly increases product absorption.

45 minutes $65

Our spa is located at 1201 Fannin St. Suite 137 Houston, TX 77002.

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